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Everyone winds up at the Zitex building. We know this because the name Zitex is plastered everywhere! Oh yea, and the story is a total plagiary of Die Hard. Three scenes only one totally nude. What they did well with, I must say were the action scenes, if we take into the account it being a low budget film. Remember the control panel in the building that the bad guys were communicating with the police on? Male models trying to masquerade as terrorists.

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anna nicole smith nude skyscraper

This is but another really bad rip off of "Die Hard".

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Anna Nicole Smith - Skyscraper 2

Most of the bad guys had a fair share of action, be it gun battles or hand to hand combat. The bad guys claim to be a international terrorist group in order to avoid detection of their real motive. It is here to please both men and women. You've got your "brilliant" terrorist leader whose brilliance is supposed to be conveyed by his pretentious habit of meaninglessly quoting Shakespeare and by his lofty world-accent line delivery.

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