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thick thighs in pantyhose
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For men of nobility , the material would be made of silk or fine wool rather than the coarser fabrics used by the lower classes. These tights are usually a thicker spandex -blend, and are usually footless. In the 15th century, some men wore an elaborate and decorative cod piece to accentuate their genital endowment, and as a symbol of their virility. Because the fabric used in tights is made of interwoven fabric such as nylon or cotton, there are pores in the fabric where modern manufacturers have been able to place other items which benefit the skin. Athletic tights are absolute opaque and often footless, although they may have a "stirrup" that goes under the foot to hold the cuff down near the ankle. In the United Kingdom , the word "tights" is used in all cases when referring to both pantyhose and " leggings ", for footed or footless tights of heavier, normally opaque material. Tights are a kind of cloth garment, most often sheathing the body from the waist to the toe tips with a tight fit, hence the name.

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thick thighs in pantyhose

Originally derived from the hose worn by European men several centuries ago, tights were made as close fitting as possible for practical reasons when riding horseback.

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These tights are usually a thicker spandex -blend, and are usually footless. Athletic tights are considered unisex. Views Read Edit View history. When the separate legs were woven together with a panty that covered the lower torso up to the waist in a single, integrated format, the term pantyhose was coined, since it was a one piece construction of a panty with a pair of separate hose, one for each leg.

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