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Realizing that no one has responded she knocked again and was confused to realize that the door still won't open. He rubbed his tip around her opening and chuckled evily as she whimpered silently. Mario groaned after feeling his length being enclosed by her very tight core. Watching her hands fumble with something behind herself caused him to wonder but he stopped and his eyes popped open when he heard a quick unsnapping sound. They parted lips to catch some air and Rosalina wasted no time unbuttoning the the straps on Mario's overalls. He noticed Peach already asleep on her large pink bed with her face turned away from him much to his luck. I hope this lemon was worth your time and not some boring sex story.

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Peach raised an eyebrow wondering why Mario is needed to clean her observatory when she's willing to help.

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He was surprised yet disappointed when he noticed Rosalina had stopped her actions. A big jolt of pleasure was knocked into him when he felt Rosalina's hand rub around his undersack gently. Rosalina blushed at his notice and smiled at him. Mario pulled out from her as well and turned her over roughly, now she was on her back.

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