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Part of you wanted to laugh at the threat but knowing Rebekah she might end up taking it as a challenge. People jumping in and out of cabs with their luggage in tow, you saw families being reunited and families sending loved ones off. The car pulled to a stop before the airport. Hesitantly, you walked to the door and knocked. You rolled your eyes as Elijah Mikaelson climbed in the vehicle.

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Everything Elijah told you had been true running from Mikael had taken its toll on everyone and your new animal-like instincts and thirst for blood had been nearly impossible to control when you turned.

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Kara was lying with her head hanging off the edge of her twin bed, reading from her English lit textbook when she heard a knock at her door. You could be just like them, you told yourself, you could get out of the car and start anew or you could tell the driver to take you home and you could go on living your life in peace. His eyes fell on you in an instant. Turning to face your sister, you sighed.

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