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However in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 8 comics we learn that Dracula was actually very attached to Xander and fell into a deep depression without him, allowing himself to shift into his unkempt elderly man form. Bram being short for Abraham. A practical vampire would not carry such a device while hunting. Renfield had lived with Dracula for apparently centuries indicated by their own dialogue with each other. A popular youtube spoof of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA anime is Hellsing Abridged, which released annual comedic redubs of the famous anime. The implied sexuality of Countess Zaleska lead to a gay bar in San Francisco being named for her.

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This is a list of associates, not necessarily lovers.

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Carmilla is usually depicted as a lesbian vampire dating back to her original s novel but for the sake of convenience she was portrayed as having been implied bisexual subtly for the animated film The Batman vs. Evil Ed turns up in the Fright Night comics to try to avenge Jerry Dandridge before discovering that Dandridge has been raised from the dead by cultists. Electric guitars are a thing now. And it is an incomplete list as a full version would be exceptionally long.

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