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baby diaper girl tumblr
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The nice voice is telling me to watch, to relax, to let go… and I do. My arms wave merrily as I focus on trying to bounce harder, to kick at the floor just a bit harder…. An infantile burp escapes me, and I wiggle delightedly as a cool trickle of drool slips down my chin under my paci. Pretty swirlies, screen so pretty! She has a good baby indeed, a very good little baby. Is this really your idea of equality?

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Chaya. Age: 26.
baby diaper girl tumblr

Hehe always love your hypno story.

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Nadia. Age: 22.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

As the excited chatter continues around me, I see a screen being propped up in front of my nearsighted eyes. The laughter of all the women congregated around me is infectious, and I bounce harder in excitement. Here are a few examples of how a stupid overgrown child like you can make your language more appropriate:. Enjoy how little, how helpless, how absolutely ridiculous it makes you feel.

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