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No I will not shut up about this. To just try it, Grayson, I dare you. Ric is a dick but not the Dick we need. Se puoi controllare il significato delle parole, puoi controllare le persone che devono usare le parole. I honestly believe Dick would not have followed Jerocho, if Deathstroke had not attacked Donna. Dick knows younger brothers, and younger brothers are unfailingly competitive when it comes to their honor.

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Yes, his wand writting is a bless.

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No I will not shut up about this. The way if he pauses in one spot for too long, the back of his eyes start to burn. But he forgot about the missing-them pain, the black hole in the middle of his chest, he forgot about the way his bones ache to be squeezed by a hug from his dad and the way he just wants his mom to hold him curled up close after a long day of rehearsals and let him doze against her side.

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