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I must admit I was very skeptical before I began. For help deciding which one, see my Complete Guide to Fleshlights or the detailed reviews elsewhere on the site. The rolled towel version, with its uniform canal width, was more to my liking. Sponges should be nicely soft and flexible — if they are too hard then they will feel inflexible and unpleasant. I created each of the DIY pussy masturbators and tried them out myself. Repeat for the other three balloons and place them in the container to check the width.

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I was looking for masturbators which can be cobbled together quickly and easily with normal household items.

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A tall cup is a possible alternative to the Pringles can. You can upgrade by using a dentist's latex glove, which is softer and more durable. I also compared them to some of my favorite Fleshlight sleeves to see how they measured up.

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