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If you do that I'll reward you with all of my warm, sticky man goo! Jean-Luc's eye's blinked as though he was awaking for a second time. He wasn't sure if she liked to be demeaned in bed but he wagered she would if she had a past relationship with Riker; his first Officer, though professional when on duty, had a reputation as the biggest male slut in Starfleet history, even more so than the legendary James T. She said in an very assertive tone this time. I want to get face deep in your wet pussy and fuck you long and hard!! Star Trek the Final Cunt Here. Picard pointed to his cock and without a word Deanna went to work sucking and licking the last drops of cum that were on the head and shaft.

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sex trek the next penetration

He felt Deanna's warm, wonderful tongue licking the whole of his cock and he knew soon he'd be emptying his nut's contents.

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Star Trek the next penetration

Jean-Luc pulled his cock from her mouth and smacked the sides of her cheeks with it. Recently I watched my favorite movie reviewer upload about what he think the new Picard Show should be about. Is there anything else you would suggest?

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