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Photographer subverts Singapore's 'sterile' reputation by capturing dream-like images of the city-state. The photographer also took special care to represent the full spectrum of Singapore's racial diversity: Chinese, Indian, Malay and mixed-race Singaporeans. But this isn't a real marriage. The series, which was shot in and recently exhibited at Singapore's Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film, is intended to show what life might have been like if same-sex couples from her parent's generation had been allowed to openly marry. Written by Marina Garcia-Vasquez.

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Chai says her use of color and composition was also inspired by an '80s aesthetic that imagines an alternate Singaporean history of liberation, freedom and acceptance.

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The photographer, who identifies as a bisexual female, added that the images depict the type of dreamy nuptials that her conservative family would never permit. But this isn't a real marriage. My genuine hope is to shift the conversation more toward empathy. Singapore's decades-long quest to be Asia's new art hub.

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