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smash bros shrek
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Some people say that Shrek is drek, but I need to dispel that rumor. Once He jumps out of His swamp, you must get on your hands and knees and prepare yourself for Shrek's hot, steamy, onion love. Sign In Don't have an account? In fact, the statement that Shrek is a mere movie character is incorrect; He is a metaphysical concept that transcends such clification. If you can defeat Shrek, you unlock Him as a playable character. Sakurai disagreed to that, and says that Shrek has earned His place for SSB4, for He is love and He is life, and His oniony presence is welcome in crossovers of any sort. Once Chrom is teleported home after the FS the battle will reset and the next person to replace Ridley will in fact be Shrek.

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Shrek was confirmed for Smash Bros.

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'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Adds Shrek With New Mod

Shrek is love and life, but not necessarily drek. Shrek jumps out of the swamp and yells, "Get out of my swamp or it's all ogre for you! Add yourself if you reject Shrek, but beware, doing so will label you as a blasphemous Farquaad and a follower of Drek. If you can defeat Shrek, you unlock Him as a playable character.

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