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The feeling of his hand on my ass was enough to make me cum… my thoughts raced. Desperately wishing I could take a photo to remember this moment and more importantly his perfect body. He released his hold, only to pull down his trousers jeans revealing a white jock strap. Resisting the urge to show him just what my mouth could do, I put on my shirt and left the locker room because I might have been caught with a huge boner. With the image of his cock imprinted in my mind, I would rush to the toilets to jerk off, unable to control my raging boner over him. I was the person he would message after a hard day at work, not some random girl.

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Jemma. Age: 31.
tumblr gay hairy sex

As I open the door I could see the Stern look on his face.

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Charlize. Age: 31.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Before I had chance to spot him, he pulled me into his cubical… soap dripping down from his abs and onto his huge cock. There is something so sexual about hairy armpits. My fag mind was racing, wondering how big it would be hard let alone the soft monster that I was drooling over. Almost immediately I felt his warm strong hands gliding over my cheeks, squeezing them tight.

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