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Let him know he is doing something right. When it comes to dancing, it is important for both partners to be in sync with each other and the same goes for kissing. As you kiss your partner, touch their face, neck, and shoulders with your hands. Women love it when a man takes control, so when you kiss her, make sure she knows that you in control, at least at that moment. Kiss him like its your first time but with 26 years of experience. Hold her face with both hands, and kiss her passionately. I want to thank everyone that takes time out of their day to read my articles, I am extremely grateful.

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Talia. Age: 26.
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As you bite their bottom lip, add a bit of suction as well.

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Kira. Age: 26.
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Medics warn teens not to try DIY ‘bottle lip’ jobs in bid to get a Kylie Jenner-style pout

Disclaimer — This article is subjective and open to interpretation. It is important to understand this. If your partner is into tongue kissing, then go ahead and use your tongue every time you kiss them.

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