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Jon Hamm has an enormous penis Tabloids can often be found analyzing bulges in women's clothing for baby bumps. He might have inherited more than a style from director John Frankenheimer, who made The Manchurian Candidate. They're actually new records. Despite a National Enquirer photo-spread of his new persona, "Fiona," Simmons responded to the claim on Facebook and said it wasn't true. Because a woman couldn't possibly be equally or more talented than her partner, the release of Hole's second studio album sparked speculation that the Nirvana front man wrote the album for his wife, Courtney Love.

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Everyone assumes that because Statham's Frank Martin is such a tough guy action hero that he has to be straight, right?

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People will believe anything. Reeves humorously addressed the rumor, saying it "blew me away. A controversial biography of the silver screen star claims that he not only met Hitler, but was also a closet bisexual. Thanks to some faked photographs and fan theories, ever year is the year he's going to come out of hiding -- until he doesn't.

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